Safi Holding Management Offices

Project Type
Interior Design & Application
Project Area
750 m2


Safi Holding Head Office in Espadon Tower, Istanbul; The design and design process of lobbies, meeting rooms, recreation areas, work departments and special areas on the floors reserved for the use of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors has ended.

The 17th floor is planned to include a lobby, guest lounge, meeting rooms, toilets and service areas. Safi Holding Management Office is designed with natural materials of different colors and textures starting from the lobby area and modern lines and in harmony with each other. For a sophisticated effect in accordance with team project's design concept, prominent and contrast transitions are tried to be reflected with different material uses. Meeting rooms provide all the necessary working comfort, while modern furniture designs accompanying the flamboyant attitude of materials have helped us create a balanced atmosphere. The surprise city view in the toilets was especially planned and the toilet experience was tried to be differentiated by ensuring the continuity of the materials used for the view and other details.

project team

On the 18th floor, open and transparent passages were included in the study area, guest hall and recreation areas reserved for the use of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the venue was considered as a whole. This visual integrity is provided by harmonious and clear material selections. In addition, spaces are differentiated with the use of accessories and auxiliary design elements of different colors and textures. Although different materials are used on all surfaces, our design line has been preserved with modern details and the effect to be created in the space has been captured thanks to the increased depth perception.  Unlike other venues, the ceiling was left open in the work area and the outlier stance of reinforced concrete cassette flooring was emphasized. With the maximum reachable height, a more spacious environment is aimed in the work area. Designed for the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the 4-meter-long table provides efficient operation and offers a practical use for instant meetings. All dominant materials used in the space consist of the components of this table. 

In the design of special areas such as cigar room, lobby area, entertainment room and service area to be located on the 19th floor; the distinguished attitude and high-level comfort approach involved in the planning of other floors are combined. The depth of the space has been increased with a clear and pronounced effect thanks to the reflective wall surfaces used in the entrance and lobby section, dark wood boards and calacatta marble used on the floor. The cigar room combines calacatta and solid parquet flooring, while the wooden board on the wall is accompanied by a calacatta-framed console liquid fireplace unit.In order to increase the enjoyment of the view of the Bosphorus and the Islands, the seating arrangement is also shaped according to the location of the fireplace. The black lacquer and smoked glass used in the service cabinet have been made the focal point of the space while reducing the clarity.

The black glossy surface on the ceiling of the entertainment room, which is used to increase depth and further incorporate the view of Istanbul into the interior, breaks the space pursuit at first glance. As TEAM Project Architecture, as in our Safi Holding project, we use natural materials that dominate the spaces with clear finish details in all our designs; it is due to our timeless design understanding, away from a temporary appearance.