SARP Recreation Zones

Project Type
Architecture & Interior & Landscape Design
Project Area
1500 m2
SARP Intermodal
Büyükçekmece, İSTANBUL – TÜRKİYE

SARP Recreation Zones

Sarp Recreation Zones, situated in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, stands out as a dynamic and sustainable recreation area. Inspired by the innovative vision of Sarp Intermodal Company, this project achieves a functional and aesthetic equilibrium through the utilization of containers. The architectural, interior design concept, and landscaping were successfully executed by TEAM Project Architecture.

The distinctive use of containers in the design replaces enclosed circulation areas with integrated open and semi-open spaces. Consequently, intersection points are increased, and permeable borders emphasizing transparency are established. This robust dialogue between open, semi-open, and enclosed spaces optimizes social interaction areas, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Open and semi-open spaces evoke a poetic language, seamlessly blending with landscape elements. The gradual design approach adopted in landscaping enhances spatial character and facilitates the realization of diverse functions and activities. Paving materials and plant elements incorporated in the courtyard design contribute to the space's natural and organic ambiance. These elements enhance the aesthetic and tactile experience, augmenting the enjoyment of visitors' time spent in the area. Furthermore, the interplay of natural light and shadows imbues the space with depth.

Another striking element of the project is the dynamic features of the interior design. The interiors, which are integrated with the industrial texture of the containers, are contrasted with vibrant color palettes. This perfect contrast emphasizes the dynamic character of the space and creates an eye-catching atmosphere. The combination of industrial elements and a modern design approach gives the space a unique and contemporary identity.

In summary, Sarp Recreation Zones aims to be a recreation area that meets the demands of modern business life by offering both recreation and activity opportunities to its visitors. Undoubtedly, this project stands out as a place suitable for Istanbul's dynamic culture and lifestyle.

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